Water Safety: Pediatric Edition

We know, we know…we’re a little late – But…With summer just recently officially starting, we thought this would be an appropriate topic to cover. After all, we’re in Kentucky. Most of us are water-crazed from the months of May-August ???? So shall we take a ????dive ???? (if you will) into the best ways to […]

“Moving” Forward

I want to begin this by extending my sincerest appreciation to all of you for entrusting me with the care of your precious children. Your unwavering support, encouragement, and loyalty have been instrumental in making this dream a reality. Your belief in me has given me the strength and determination to foster and create a […]

The Danger of Leaving Children in Hot Cars

It’s mid-July. Arguably the hottest time of the year – and while our busy lives keep us on the move, it’s crucial to address a topic that demands our utmost attention: leaving children unattended in hot cars. This happens very frequently, and is mostly accidental. Every year, tragic incidents occur due to this preventable mistake. […]